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I invite you to our joint exhibition SHE! (ONA!)

Date of the exhibition: 14.3. 2024 - 17.4. 2024

Vernissage: 17.3. from 6PM

Authors: Tatiana Marková and Sofia Bejblíková

Location: Vnitroblock, Tusarova 791/31, 170 00 Prague 7-Holešovice

Exhibition "SHE!" presents artworks by Sofia Bejblíková and Tatiana Marková that celebrate femininity, strength and beauty. It opens new perspectives on the feminine essence and the importance of women in art and society. Through their works, both artists reflect the emotional level of female expression and identity. Their work encourages thinking about the value of women in society and strengthens women's self-confidence. The exhibition offers inspiration to explore different aspects of femininity and calls for a deeper understanding of the strength, courage and beauty of the feminine nature.

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