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We are just human beings


6 500 CZK

  • Acrylics, 300 gsm paper

  • 25,5 x 35,5 cm (40 x 50 cm in the frame)

In the realm of art, imperfection isn't a flaw but a masterstroke. 'We are just human beings' stands as a testament to this truth. Commissioned with a vision that defied expectations, it became a canvas of unexpected beauty.

Though I may have felt disappointment, this painting found resonance with many. It speaks to the essence of our humanity – a journey of flaws and triumphs, where deviation from the norm births originality.

In every brushstroke lies a story, in every imperfection, a masterpiece. Celebrate the beauty of authenticity today.

Medium: Acrylics, 300 gsm paper
Size: 25,5 x 35,5 cm (40 x 50 cm in the frame)
Year: 2023
Additional information: The price includes a certificate of authenticity, passe-partout, and a clip frame equipped with anti-reflective plexiglass.

Buy art for your home comfortably - artwork is ready to hang immediately.

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