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Come and see my paintings from  23.5.2024 for the exhibition in the Prague Art#23 - Bid4Auction gallery!


All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity and from 2024 the paintings on the back include my left hand print in addition to the signature, year and title of the work.

2024 Colors of my heart collection

In her quest to capture a diverse range of emotions, the artist ventures into larger canvases, seeking to transcend the mere depiction of femininity as a physical entity. Instead, her works serve as poignant reflections of love, self-worth, friendship, and other themes pertinent to women's experiences.


Utilizing acrylic paints and oil pastels, the artist explores a kaleidoscope of colors, each combination carefully chosen to evoke a sense of positivity and joy. While experimenting with various hues, she remains committed to vibrant palettes that mirror her optimistic outlook on life and aim to evoke pleasant sensations.


Through her brushstrokes, she communicates messages of empowerment, resilience, and solidarity, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of womanhood in all its glory.


To infuse each artwork with a personal touch, the artist began imprinting her left hand—placed closer to her heart—alongside her signature, the title of the piece, and the year, on the back of each canvas. This gesture serves as a reminder of her connection to the art and her intention to impart a piece of her own spirit into every creation.

Mini série 2023


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